About Us

First of all I believe that when a particular patient comes into my office, it is no coincidence.
So often patients will come in for this or that ache or pain but really find that as the healing
occurs, they find themselves healed of so much more than just an ache or a pain. So often
we carry wounds that run deep and prevent real healing from occurring not only in our
physical body but in our minds and hearts as well.
This is not religion!
This is common sense!

We have lost the sense of reverence we should have for one another. I believe this has
happened because we as a culture have forgotten who we are, and what we are fully
called to be.

On the practical side, I employ a wide number of Chiropractic techniques. Any where from
an incredibly gently " non crack" technique to traditional manipulation depending on the
patients individual needs and desires. When needed I use "physiotherapy" such as
Ultrasound, muscle stimulation, massage, disk distraction and many other tools to speedily
repair the body and nervous system.

I have found the use of tailor made whole foods an incredible adjunct to healing the body
and mind never thought possible by so many patients. We simply cannot reach full healing if
we insist on putting excessive amounts of " toxic" food, chemicals, and drink into our body

We use NRT ( Nutritional Reflex Testing) which gets our patients better so much faster and
more efficiently than our patients we treated years ago before NRT.
This incredible technique will leave you with more knowledge about the state of your body
than you could have ever imagined.

Whats really nice?

No needles, no expensive diagnostic machines, because your own body tells us not only
whats wrong
but why the problem exists,
and how to fix it!

Isn't that really what you want to know?

You can read about
NRT by clicking here or going to services