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Types of treatment

Regaining health and vitality are our "strong" points

There are 3 phases of care
1) acute (get you out of pain!)
2) rehab ( stabilize and correct)
3) well care ( keep you fit)

We use the latest Chiropractic techniques as part of your healing process.

We use
Non force Chiropractic adjustments, to realign your body

We are also trained in the following Chiropractic techniques

* S.O.T.(sacral occipital technique)
* Kinesiology (Dealing with muscles)
* Activator (Zero pain adjusting)
* Pierce (special equipment used )
* Full spine diversified technique
* Palmer technique

Therapeutic exercise, to condition and strengthen weaken areas.

Nutritional balancing, to reach physical and mental potential.

Physiotherapy such as Ultrasound, to reduce and soothe nerves.

Gentle intermittent traction to relieve and decompress pinched nerves and
compressed discs.

Needle less Acupuncture, (micro current) the benefits of electronic pain relief
without the needles and discomfort.

Therapeutic massage, Muscle work is sometimes required in long standing or
very painful conditions before realignment is possible

Often we will recommend the use of "
Whole Food Nutrition " where

A healthy body is a strong body and strong bodies not only hold their
Chiropractic Adjustments better but feel better faster!