Computerized System Analysis considers up to 2400 calculations
to determine a whole foods program specific for your body

Still taking drugs to keep symptoms under control?
Think you are ever going to come off them?
Do you still have fatigue, digestion complaints, insomnia, recurring illness regardless of what
you do?
Libido a little to low and weight gain a bit too high?
Think to yourself, how did I get in this shape?
Better yet, how can I prevent getting in this shape?

Still believe that eating a good rounded diet can make you healthy?

How many bowls of spinach today do you think it takes to give you the same amount of iron
from only 1 bowl in 1945?
Answer: 50 or more!

Commercial farming has come up with every way to bring you more of everything except one
thing, the nutrition your body needs to get healthy, really healthy.

What happened to the Chromium in the soil that helped to prevent diabetes and blood sugar
Answer: gone
Selenium to help prevent cancer?

Most people think if they add vitamins and minerals it will make the difference.
Answer: wrong

There are numerous studies that show taking such supplements can actually create other
deficiencies and imbalances in your system, actually creating more problems than you are
trying to solve.
Whole food nutrition is the best kept secret on the planet and this secret is yours for the

You complete a 225 question Nutritional Survey that accurately assists to evaluate your
specific nutritional requirements
and health needs along with a food diary.
In addition a Doctor will review your requirements so that you can have all your questions
answered and explained in plain and simple terms.

This service is not intended to replace medical service or advise, but rather to seriously
enhance your overall health level.
The new thinking in health care is not to treat your symptoms or disease but to focus on
getting a person as healthy as possible because truly healthy people do not have symptoms
or do not require drugs to either cover them up or control them.

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