What is Nutritional Reflex Testing

What if your body could tell you things you never thought possible without extensive
testing and very expensive equipment? What if it could tell you what was wrong,
where it’s wrong, why it’s wrong and how to make it right, would you be interested?
If you said yes, then I would like to introduce you to the World's Greatest Nutritionist!
That’s right!
Who knows what your body needs better than your body?

Literally after decades of research an incredibly reliable and accurate technique has
been developed which requires extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology,
acupuncture and nutrition.
With this knowledge we are able to treat patients suffering with conditions that just don’
t seem to respond to any kind of treatment. These are the people who have tried
everything and everyone!
If you are one of these people, there is a good chance you are what is called, a
“Blocked Patient”
If you are “Blocked” no matter what you do, you will not improve until you are
This happens when there are “ Stressors” adversely affecting your body’s ability to
heal. There are 5 key stressors that cause blocking.

Heavy metal toxicity
Microorganisms (parasites, fungal, viral, bacteria)
Chemical Toxins
Food sensitivities
Scar Tissue

Once we “unblock” you, we check to see if you are “Switched”.
These are the patients with a load of open bottles in their cabinets which help a bit, but
never produce real results.
“Switched” patients have a “Short Circuit” in their “Autonomic Nervous System” and
need to be “Un switched” to get healthy.

Once a patient is no longer Blocked or Switched all organs, tissues, and glands are
checked for “Weakness”. These are the areas that are draining the body’s health. We
then test to find out what organ is

the #1 “Priority”
This is often the main culprit, the king pin, that is preventing the body from healing
and attaining optimal health. Once it is located, we test to see what “ Designed Clinical
Nutritional Supplement”*
would strengthen it.
How is this done?

To make a long story short, we use your own body’s reflex points and muscles to find
out all this information. Homeopathic dilutions are placed on the body, and the body is
tested using a specific protocol which is
PAINLESS, POWERFUL and PERSONALIZED. After accumulating all this information
your body will determine the best nutritional protocol to bring about optimal health.

No blood tests, no expensive scans, all that is needed is to bring the “World’s Greatest
Nutritionist” with you, YOU!
The reason I began spending hundreds of hours studying Nutritional Testing is because
something is happening in my office and every health care office in the world. People
are getting sicker and taking longer to heal then they did when I first started practice
in 1980! I started reading the clinic journals of the very first Chiropractors and found
that they were getting miracles with a handful of adjustments. However, years later
the very same clinics were requiring more and more treatment. The reason is because
our modern society has dramatically increased the causes of subluxation
( subluxation or nerve interference by a mis-placed bone is caused by 3 things)

1) trauma
2) stress
3) toxins

and reduces the body’s ability to repair itself. To repair itself the body needs building
blocks found in our everyday food. But what if we no longer get those building blocks?
Did you know it takes 65 cups of spinach today to get the same amount of iron 1 cup
gave you in 1945? There is a Pandemic of dis-eases because the body can no longer
cope. This is what brought my search to the world’s finest Health Company. This
company only deals with highly trained professionals because it requires extensive
knowledge to properly use these effective products. Every leading nutritionist in the
world has heard of the incredible reputation of...
This is just one of the examples out of a hundred designed clinical nutrition
supplements we use; it's called "Organic Minerals".
This product is produced by starting with 80 pounds of organically grown vegetables,
taking the water and fiber out without cooking the vegetables, and then converting the
remainder into one bottle of 90 tablets of Standard Process Organic Minerals. These, in
my opinion are the greatest sources of nutrition on the planet. Store grade vitamins
simply can't compare to these products. ( ask for info called "why your vitamins might
be killing you)
This is why there is a “Pandemic” of illness today.
Isn't it a shame that instead of correcting the cause of most of these imbalances with
the very things God gave us, we instead treat the symptoms of nutritional starvation
with dangerous drugs and chemicals!
Drugs cannot make you healthy, at best they mask symptoms and the cost is often
serious side affects.
Please remember that we are not diagnosing or curing any types of disease but simply
enhancing your own body’s resources to regain health.

I know this sounds a bit simple but “A healthy person doesn’t get sick, a sick person
gets everything!”

When you are serious about getting healthy think NRT