We except most insurance plans!

Due to the high number of plans in the market place, as a courtesy we will verify your
benefits for you. Although the patient is ultimately responsible, we will do everything we
can to find out your maximum benefits in this ever changing Insurance system

When you call or come in to our office our insurance manager contacts your company so
you can feel confident. Her number is

516 454 0400

Do not look to see if we are in " your book" as many of those books are outdated the
day they come out!

Also we belong to an insurance contracting agency that puts us on many plans that may
not be in "your book"

There are 3 cash options if not using

1) pay as you go

2) prepay
for a bookeeping discount

3) Installment payments

Our Pre-pay budget plan is absolutely
the most affordable in Chiropractic!

Simply put, we pass on a tremendous
saving to you the patient because the
most costly and tedious part of your
care is eliminated... The Paper work!!!

We do accept credit cards.

When you come in for a
Consultation all finances will be
completely discussed with you before
you decide if you would like to Choose
Chirocare for your health needs.
You can also call us at 516 454 0400.
We know you will!