Nothing happens by coincidence!

After a serious automobile accident Dr. Kulik was treated in all the traditional ways for a
"very painful and permanent" spinal injury. A series of events brought him to Chiropractic
which led to his healing and eventually to becoming a Chiropractor himself.
In 1981 he graduated "Doctor of Chiropractor" from New York Chiropractic College.
He has been greatly influenced by his experience with Mother Teresa early in his career.
As a result, through the years thousands of patients have shared more then their "physical"
complaints with him and he is always available to offer his compassionate ear and heart. He
has simply found that you cannot separate a wounded heart and soul from a wounded body,
and that many times people find the greatest part of healing is not always physical!

To see why Dr Kulik became a Chiropractor Click here

Dr. Kevin Kulik a prolific writer, was asked to write his inspiring stories for a number of
forums. One of these is the AFCC
(Association for Catholic Chiropractors) website, a
Vatican sanctioned organization.

His web page
" Stories from the Wounded Healer" brings inspiration, laughter and tears
to both patients and fellow Doctors around the world.

Dr Kulik began an organization called
" The Knights of the King"
Helping mentor men to become better Fathers and encourage them along all the trials that
most men face in this culture.

He assists in the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of
Faith Mission Soup Kitchen.
You can read about his adventures

He is active in men's prison ministry to help mentor men from a life of "incarceration" to a
life of freedom.

He  began a grassroots mens movement that through the hard work and dedication of many
men, eventually lead to the formation of the
Long Island Men's Ministry which also now
runs an annual conference

He assists in the formation of the annual
Antioch Experience helping ordinary everyday
people experience God in a deeper way.

He is also the Senior wellness Director of an organization called The
Raphael Remedy
which joins with other professionals should patients require Emotional Therapy, Wellness,
or Life Coaching  assistance

Just a side note
Dr Kulik never ever proselytizes , preaches, or will pry into the life of his patients!
Caring and loving his patients is not " religious" but  healing. It is the policy of this office to
meet people where they are at. If someone wants to share something with him he makes
sure that everything spoken in his office is completely confidential.
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