Our office uses a number of ways to
restore and optimize health.
Through relaxing body alignments,
Therapeutic exercise,
Needle less Acupuncture.
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After a very serious car accident,Dr Kulik was treated in all the
traditional ways for a "very painful & permanent " spinal injury. A
series of events brought him to his healing and eventually to become
a Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist himself in 1981.
He has been greatly influenced by his experience with Mother Teresa
early in his career. As a result through the years, thousands of
patients have shared more than their "physical" complaints with him
and he is always  available to offer his compassionate ear and heart.
He has simply found that you cannot separate a wounded heart and
soul from a wounded body, and that many times patients find  the
greatest part of their healing  is not always physical!
Healing for a hurting
body and soul!

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